Ephesians 1:3-14

A. A man who had been a drunkard on Chicago’s Skid Row for many years came to a half-way house ate a meal and went to bed. That was his last night on earth. He died poverty-stricken and friendless, never to see another day. What he did not know was that he had an inheritance of over 4 million dollars waiting for him in England. The authorities has searched for him but were unable to find him because he had no address. Here was a man who has all the material wealth he could want, but he lived and died in poverty.
1. In a sense he was just like many Christians and non-Christians alike, who live in poverty because they are not fully aware of their wealth in Christ.
2. God has made available for us a wealth of blessings
3. The majority of the world and many in the church never take advantage of the blessings
B. We receive two types of blessings from the Lord: Temporal and Spiritual
1. Concerning temporal blessings:
a. Psalm 37:25
b. Psalm 34:9-10
2. But spiritual blessings are far more valuable than the temporal ones
a. These are blessings for the inner man
b. These blessings are perfect and eternal
C. Ephesians 1:3-14 sets forth many of these spiritual blessings:
1. We are a chosen people (v. 4)
2. We are adopted children (vs. 5-6)
3. Redemption and forgiveness (v. 7)
4. Wisdom (v. 8)
5. Revelation of His will (vs. 9-10)
6. An inheritance (vs. 11-12)
7. Sealed with the Holy Spirit (vs. 13-14)
1. Ephesians 1:3
a. “Every spiritual blessing” is in Christ
b. Therefore, there are no spiritual blessings outside of Christ
c. John 14:6
d. Acts 4:12
2. Thus, to receive these spiritual blessings we must be “in Christ”
a. How do we get into Christ?
b. Galatians 3:27
c. Romans 6:3-4
1. In Christ we are blessed as “chosen” people (v. 4)
a. Does God choose arbitrarily? NO!!!
b. Notice Psalm 4:3
c. Those that are in Christ are chosen
d. Deuteronomy 7:6 … it is a privilege to be a chosen people
e. Those who are chosen must remain “holy and without blemish”
2. In Christ we are blessed as “adopted sons” (vs. 5-6)
a. We become adopted sons by being “foreordained” (predestined – ASV)
1) proopizo – to mark out a boundary beforehand
2) This boundary is “in the Beloved” – i.e. in Christ
3) John 1:12
b. As adopted sons we have:
1) New relationship with the Father (Gal. 4:4-5)
2) The same rights and privileges as a genuine son (Rom. 8:16-17)
3) Access to the presence of the Father (Gal. 4:6)
4) A special relationship with the children of God (Mt. 12:46-50)
3. In Christ we are blessed with “redemption” and “forgiveness of sins” (v. 7)
a. Again notice where this blessing is found – “in Christ”
a. “Redemption” – setting a man free by paying a ransom
1) We are guilty … deserve death
2) Jesus paid the ransom … 1 Timothy 2:5-6
3) 1 Peter 1:18-19
b. “Forgiveness of sins”
1) Matthew 26:28
2) It is in baptism that we contact the blood (Rom. 6:3-4)
3) If we are not in Christ we have not contacted the blood of Christ
4. In Christ we are blessed with “wisdom” (v. 8)
a. This wisdom from above is only available to those in Christ
b. But, we must keep searching in Christ:
1) 1 Corinthians 1:24, 30
2) Romans 11:33
3) Colossians 2:3
5. In Christ we are blessed with the revelation of His will (vs. 9-10)
a. God has made known to us the “mystery of his will”
1) “Mystery” comes from a Greek word meaning “not yet revealed” – notice, though it was “made known”
2) This revealed mystery is the scheme of redemption, and it was the Father’s “good pleasure” to do this
3) This great act was not an afterthought, but was in the mind of God from the very beginning.
b. The revelation of God is a true blessings to all those who are in Christ
1) We receive needed instruction
2) Details concerning salvation
3) This revealed will makes it possible for all obedient believers to “sum up all things” [gather together in one – NKJ] in Christ.
6. In Christ we are blessed with an “inheritance” [heritage – ASV] (vs. 11-12)
a. What is this inheritance that we are blessed with?
1) Acts 20:32
2) Colossians 1:12
3) It is a spiritual inheritance
b. Christians partake of this inheritance now in the kingdom but there is another part of this inheritance to come – “heaven”
c. The ASV says “in whom also we were made a heritage”
1) So according to this rendering we are God’s private possession – we are His redeeming work
2) Thus it could be said that as God’s redeeming work, as His heritage, we receive an inheritance that is incorruptible and does not fade away (1 Pt. 1:4)
3) Moses put it this way … Deuteronomy 32:9

7. In Christ we are blessed with the “seal of the Holy Spirit” (vs. 13-14)
a. A “seal” is an identifying mark to denote ownership
b. There are different views…
1) When we are baptized we are given the Holy Spirit to show that we belong to God (Acts 2:38; 2 Cor. 1:22)
a) But, remember, that the Holy Spirit does nothing to us separate and apart from the word of God
b) The Holy Spirit works on our heart by using the sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6:17)
c) God’s word is all-sufficient
2) Being “sealed with the Holy Spirit” means that when people become Christians the Spirit identifies them as belonging to or being under the authority of the One the
seal represents, which is, of course, God.
b. The Holy Spirit is the “guarantee of our inheritance”
1) A “guarantee” (earnest – ASV, KJV) is a down payment or a pledge
2) The Holy Spirit was given to us in promise of further payment – heaven; just as we might give a down payment when we buy a car or house.
3) I believe that in the first century is was the miraculous measure of the Spirit, today this guarantee is found in the word of God – the sword of the Spirit
A. Why would anybody want to ignore these great blessings?
B. If you are not a Christian you are ignoring these wonderful blessings … will you not take advantage of them today by obeying the gospel?

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