(Nehemiah 1:1-11)


Most people whom we consider to be “successful” have had some principles by which they have governed their lives.

  1. Habits of successful people
  2. Time proven techniques

Often, when a person accomplishes something another might ask, “What is the secret to your success?”

  1. A Biblical example to knowing the secret to someone’s success is found in Ezra 7:10.
  2. You will note that Ezra prepared his heart to seek God’s Word, obeyed God’s Word, and taught God’s Word.

The Bible also gives us insights into the secret of the success of a man by the name of Nehemiah.

  1. Nehemiah was born in captivity after the fall of Jerusalem. He ended up being the king’s cupbearer, which was a very responsible position.
  2. Nehemiah ended up supervising the rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Without strong walls in those days, cities were always open to possible attack.
  3. He was also instrumental in revival among the Jewish people.

Nehemiah 1 gives us some insights into the great success of Nehemiah.



He Showed Concern

  1. Nehemiah 1:2… Nehemiah inquired about his brethren
    • When we have true concern about others and the church we, also, will inquire
    • How do we know what to do or what to pray for if we never ask about people
    • How concerned are we about the church? Note Paul’s concern:
      • Acts 20:31
      • 2 Corinthians 7:12
      • 2 Corinthians 11:28
  2. To be successful in the Lord’s church we must show concern

He Could be Touched

  1. Nehemiah 1:4a
    • This was not just a superficial emotional wound – because four months later Artaxerxes would be able to discern from physical appearance and disposition a distinct state of depression in Nehemiah
    • There is no shame in weeping – In fact, a real manwill weep and can be touched with heartfelt feeling
    • David did … 2 Samuel 15:30
      • Ezra 3:12-13
      • Psalm 137:1
      • John 11:35
  2. There are many things that will cause us sorrow (indifference, errors, opposition, pain, etc.), but sorrow is good because it is one of the things that motivates us to help or change things


  1. An Example in Prayer
    • Nehemiah prayed in times of sorrow … Nehemiah 1:4
    • Nehemiah prayed when about to do something vitally important… Nehemiah 2:1-4
    • Nehemiah was successful in accomplishing great things for the Lord because he was a man of prayer
      • 1 Thessalonians 5:17
  2. An Example Prayer
    • Nehemiah 1:5-11
    • Earnest Entreaty
      • certain days” (v. 5)
      • day and night” (v. 6)
      • I beseech thee” (v. 8, 11)
    • Power Pleas
      • Pleaded to the name of God (v. 5)
      • Pleaded to the promises of God (vs. 8-9)
      • Pleaded to their relationship with God …. “thy servants” (v. 6) and “thy people” (v.11)
    • A Particular Request (v. 11)
      • There is a need to be specific in prayer
      • It shows thought, concern, and faith
      • We should study the various prayers of the Bible to help us in our prayer life
      • Great things are accomplished for God through great men and women of prayer.
      • Luke 18:1-8
      • John 14:13-14


  1. 1.Nehemiah 1:6-7
    • Nehemiah realized that sin was the cause of problems.
    • He confessed not only the sins of the nation, but of his family and himself.
      • Nehemiah realized … Psalm 66:18
      • Thus, we must all confess with the Psalmist… Psalm 32:5
  2. Men and women who are truly holy will be conscious of their own sins
    • We are always quick to blame others for our short comings, but should we not ask:
    • What we did to contribute to the problem
    • What we didn’t do to contribute to the problem
    • What we are doing to help the matter


  1. Nehemiah 1:9
    • Nehemiah was claiming the promises of God
    • Deuteronomy 30:1-3
    • Friends, God will keep His promises
  2. Nehemiah is implying in this prayer that he is submitting his will to God’s, being obedient to God’s commandments.
    • Obedience is the only way we can be submissive unto God
    • Notice our Lord’s attitude… John 6:38
  3. God uses obedient servants
    • 1 Samuel 15:22-23
    • We must be obedient to be of valued use in the Kingdom of God – not just going through the motions
  4. It all boils down to submission


  1. 1.Nehemiah 1:10-11
    • It is obvious in verse 11 that Nehemiah was going to try to help rectify the problem in Jerusalem.
    • Nehemiah was willing to be part of the solution to the problem.
    • We must be a part of the solution
    • NOT a part of the problem
  2. When we pray about problems, we should be willing to be involved in the answer to our prayers
    • We need to be like the framer who prays at the end of a garden hoe – A farmer does not pray for a crop and expect it to come by simply sitting on the porch
    • We need to do what we can and leave the rest to God
    • Our feet must be willing to walk towards the problem and be used in the solution.


If we want to be successful for the cause Christ, we must:

  1. Have a burdened heart
  2. Have knees that will bend
  3. Have lips that will confess
  4. Have a submissive will
  5. Have feet that will go
“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you when you have forgotten how it goes.”

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