Once a Christian father took his three adolescent sons on a winter hike. They came to a field glistening white from a snow the night before. There was not a single track of any kind that had been made in the field. The father, wanting to challenge his youngsters and perhaps teach them a lesson suggested they have a contest – which one could walk the straightest path across the field?

The first trudged across keeping his eyes down to watch each step, trying to put each foot directly in front of the other. On the other side, he looked back, and to his surprise the tracks were curved like the letter S in their course. The second lad started, taking a few steps and them looking back to see if his path appeared straight. About every ten to fifteen steps the process was repeated. After getting across, he eagerly surveyed the entirety of his course, but discovered it wasn’t really straight at all – it was in segments, veering to right, and then to the left. The third, seeing the other two had failed, employed a different strategy. He selected a tall tree on the other side of the field, and started walking toward it, never taking his eyes off of it. Having completed the trek, his path was the straightest of the three by far.

The wise father then taught the boys, saying, “Sons, there is just one path in life that is straight and true, and that is the way of Jesus Christ (Jn. 14:6). As you go through life, keep your eyes on him, ‘looking unto him,’ (Heb. 12:2) and you course will always be right! Remember, He is the way. Trust Him, and do what His word teaches and you can’t go wrong.”

Jesus said, “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62).

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“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you when you have forgotten how it goes.”

About from the Preachers PC

Gospel Preacher for the Park Heights church of Christ in Hamilton, TX. I stand for and defend the truth of God's word. All other degrees and diplomas mean very little in comparison.
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