2 Kings 5:1-14

A. Proper attitudes are very important when it comes to dealing with God’s word
1. Many are rejecting and misunderstanding God’s word because their attitude is not right
2. To many have an attitude of wanting to please self instead of pleasing God
3. The account of Naaman the leper will give us insight into the importance of a proper attitude
B. “Naaman” was the commander-in-chief of the Syrian king, who held a high place in the service of the king, and was afflicted with leprosy.
1. Leprosy was a very horrible disease
a. A slowly progressing and obstinate disease characterized by lumps below the skin, scabs and white shining spots appearing to be deeper than the skin
b. As the disease progresses it can cause the loss of fingers and toes
2. In Naaman’s house there was an Israelite maiden who served Naaman’s wife
3. The Israelite maiden told her mistress that there is a prophet in Samaria that could heal Naaman of leprosy
4. Naaman related this to the king of Syria, and the king sends Naaman to the king of Israel with a letter.
5. When the king of Israel received the letter, and read that he was to cure Naaman – he tore his clothes in alarm, and exclaimed, “Am I God, to be able to kill and make alive?”
C. Elisha now comes into the picture…
1. 2 Kings 5:8-10 … Good news right?
2. Naaman was not pleased…
a. 2 Kings 5:11 … he was expecting more, perhaps some special ceremony
b. Notice Naaman’s complaint … 2 Kings 5:12
3. Notice the response of Naaman’s servant
a. 2 Kings 5:13
b. He says, If the prophet had given you some difficult thing to do, wouldn’t you have done it?
1) Then why refuse to do something easy?
2) This is a great things he has asked you to do.
4. Naaman then … 2 Kings 5:14
D. I want us now to consider some of the different attitudes we find in this historical account of Naaman the leper
1. Naaman expected something different than what the prophet had given him
a. He thought something else would happen; therefore, he went away angry
b. He should have just be satisfied with being clean
2. Is this not the exact sentiment of many in the world today, when they are confronted with God’s word?
a. Many become angry…
b. They have the I Think Attitude:
1) “I thought another answer would be given”
2) “I thought it would have been done another way”
3. We need to be more concerned with what God thinks than what we think. The reason? Notice…
a. Isaiah 55:8-9
b. Romans 11:33-36
c. Our thoughts are of no consequence when compared to the thoughts of God
1. Naaman was expecting some type of special ceremony – expecting something different, and became angry as a result
2. Many in the church today get mad and leave because they are not getting what they expected
a. Perhaps, they were expecting something more
b. Or, it could be that they were not getting what they wanted
3. Naaman thought that something greater would happen
a. But, what greater event could have occurred than his healing?
b. That which was great was always there – but, he overlooked it
4. Many today are expecting something greater out of religion; yet, all the while failing to see the greatness ever present
a. The greatness of the forgiveness of sins
b. The greatness of a home in heaven
c. The greatness of Christian fellowship
5. If we are not getting enough out of our religion – it is clear that we are not putting enough into it
1. Naaman complained about having to dip in that old dirty Jordan River
a. He was told exactly what he needed to do to be healed of his horrible disease – and he complained about it!
b. Can you imagine having leprosy and complaining about the cure?
c. Most would have been willing to do anything to be cured!
2. Today, many are complaining about the Lord’s cure for sin
a. Can you imagine someone complaining about avoiding eternal death?!
b. Many complain about the requirement of baptism, and would rather do something else – like “faith only,” etc.
3. Philippians 2:14 … are we going to complain about God’s commands?
1. Naaman’s servant points out to him how ridiculous his attitude was
a. Naamans servant asks, “If the prophet would have told you some great thing to do, wouldn’t you have done it?”
b. The servant says, “Why reject something so easy?”
2. Naaman was lucky to have such a good friend!
3. The world needs more good friends who will try to show others the error of their ways.
a. Many times we get caught up in a situation and can see clearly
b. A good friend will help us to see as it really is
4. James 5:19-20
a. Naaman’s servant saved him from certain death
b. A good friend will help us see more clearly
5. Psalm 142:4 … may this never be said of us
1. When Naaman finally realized how foolish he was, he obeyed Elisha’s commands
2. We need to put away our pride and big heads and obey God
a. 1 Samuel 15:22-23 … many are going through the motions, but are not really obeying God
b. Luke 6:46
c. James 2:17
A proper attitude is a MUST if we are going to be pleasing to God

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