(Studies in Jude)

A. In a previous lesson we discussed:
1. How Christians are soldiers of Christ on active duty
2. That Christians are to be spiritual patriots- we are to be heroes of the Faith
3. How the epistle of Jude is a heavenly call to arms – called to defend the Gospel … Jude 3
4. Truth and the defense of it has been left in our care

B. “Treason” is a word that arouses strong emotions in citizens in any country
1. What constitutes treason in various countries may not be the same
2. Death and life imprisonment are two of the most common ways of punishing this serious crime
3. Unfortunately, the problem of treason is not limited to political governments – sadly, it also occurs in the church

C. False teachers had slipped into the congregation where Jude sends this letter
1. These false teachers were passing themselves off as faithful Christians – but they were only pretenders
2. These false teachers were like double agents working to undermine the very faith they proclaimed
D. Jude 4

1. The fact that these men “crept in privily” – or unnoticed (NKJ) is a reminder that guardians of the flock shoulder a serious responsibility
a. Jude implied that if the elders had been alert they could have stopped the damage
b. Titus 1:9-11 … elders must not go asleep at the post
c. Notice Paul’s caution … Acts 20:28-32

2. An important part of shepherding the flock is protecting it from predators.
a. This is why doctrinal interviews are important…
1) Preachers…
2) Teachers…
b. Elders need to get acquainted with all new members
1) This is important to the protecting of the flock – there are wolves in sheep clothing out there
2) Most new members will appreciate the elders trying to get to know them

3. Those who know their teachings are objectionable to elders are not always forthright about their beliefs and may operate underhandedly to advance their position
a. False teachers perceive themselves to be more knowledgeable – and “seek to enlighten” others
b. They will do this through deception…

1. A Warning from Jesus
a. The Bible is filled with warnings about the battle that must be fought with false teachers
b. Matthew 7:15
1) “Ravening” is an adjective meaning fierce or savage
2) Jesus used this modifier to describe the nature of false teachers
3) They have an enchanting demeanor, and with their smooth words they can catch the unsuspecting off guard, or coerce the biblically challenged into error

2. A Warning from Paul
a. 1 Timothy 4:1-2
1) Doctrines of demons
2) Speak lies

b. 2 Timothy 4:1-4
1) Will not endure sound doctrine
2) Turn their ears from the truth

1. The most disturbing things about false teachers is that they do their damage from the inside
a. This is why we have this warning … 2 Corinthians 11:13-15
b. This is why … 1 John 4:1

2. Acts 17:11
a. Diligent study is needed to discern the truth, especially because false teachers are proficient at using Scripture deceptively
1) Galatians 1:6-7
2) 2 Corinthians 2:17
c) 2 Peter 3:16
b. Thus, Paul urged all to … 1 Thessalonians 5:21

1. There are many predictions in the scripture of what will ultimately happen to the false teacher
a. 2 Peter 3:3-7
b. Matthew 24:37-39

2. Jude describes these false teachers as “ungodly” – used 6 times in this brief epistle
a. Ungodly because they did not show the proper respect for the word of God
b. A false teacher cannot be a godly man

1. Jude warned that these impostors were turning the grace of God into “lasciviousness” (lewdness – NKJ)
a. Paul listed “lasciviousness” as one of the works of the flesh that would keep one out of heaven (Gal. 5:19), an these men were twisting God’s word, making them appear to encourage unholy behavior among believers
b. They were blurring the lines between liberty and license

2. Many today are making obedience seem to appear irrelevant because of “the grace of God” – BUT…
a. Romans 2:6
b. 2 Corinthians 5:10

3. Although no one can every do enough to earn salvation – obedience is still required ©

1. Although the New Testament demands a life of holiness and service from those who seek eternal life (Heb. 12:14), production quotas and sinless perfection are not the issue
a. At our very best we are unprofitable servants (Lk. 17:10)
b. Still, there is a real sense in which works are critical to perfect the faith that saves

2. It is not a question of doing enough, but bringing one’s heart into submission to God
a. Heaven is not a hall of fame for spiritual superstars
b. God wants surrender, not statistics

1. Jude was concerned that some new leaders were emerging in the church who misrepresented the grace of God and made it seem to support a worldly lifestyle
a. Paul confronted this mindset in Romans 6:1-2
b. Paul was shocked that people were thinking this way
c. Sadly, many are think this way today…
d. This who dismiss their sins lightly make a terrible mistake … Romans 6:23

2. The apostles were careful to address the issue of liberty vs. license
a. Galatians 5:13
b. 1 Peter 2:16
c. 1 John 3:10

1. Jude charged these false teachers with “denying our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ”
a. People can deny Christ by their works or by their way of life
b. Many claim to know Jesus but their doctrines contradict their assertions
c. Titus 1:16

2. There is an inseparable link between the way a man thinks and the way he acts
a. Behavior can always be traced back to the way he thinks
b. Matthew 15:16-20

3. A person can claim that he loves Jesus, claim that He is #1 in his life, but if his doctrine and actions do not match up with this then he is a liar or at least deceived
a. Matthew 7:21
b. Luke 6:46

A. Spiritual dissidents are always looking for opportunities to infiltrate peaceful congregations and sow seeds of discord

B. Leaders in the church must be vigilant in safeguarding the flock against troublemakers

C. Those who belittle obedience in the name of grace are false teachers

D. Grace does not nullify the commandments of God

E. Always remember Grace of God’s part of salvation, and obedience is man’s part

*Outlined from Aubrey Johnson’s book: “Spiritual Patriots”

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