(Mark 12:28-31)

A. In Mark 12:30-31 we have a very pivotal command for every Christian, a command that is at the very heart of Christianity.
1. If these verses are not engrained in our daily living then we will never be spiritually what we ought to be
2. It is indeed the pivotal command
B. Mark 12:28-31
C. We know these verses, we have heard them often, and we understand that they mean we are to love God with our total being and our neighbor as our self
1. Many claim to love God
2. Many say they love God
3. Many say they love their neighbor
D. Many, though, do not really understand what it means to love God with our total being – and to really love our neighbor; thus, let us delve deeply into Mark 12:30-31 and come to understand what it really means to love God with our total being.
A. “Thou shalt LOVE the Lord thy God”
1. First notice that this is not a request or an option, it is a command, an imperative.
2. We are to love (AGAPE)
a. The highest form of love
b. An intellectual love which always does the proper and best thing.
3. We are to love God, this would exclude putting anything above God in importance.
B. “With ALL thy…”
1. There is to be no holding back with our love
2. Giving our best effort
3. Not settling for second best
C. “Love … with all thy MIND”
1. This has to do with the intellect or knowledge
2. To love God as we ought, it must be done through knowledge
3. The Biblically ignorant really do not love God
a. Romans 10:3
b. Ephesians 4:18
c. John 14:15 … How can one keep that which he does not know?
d. Hosea 4:6
4. To love God with all of our minds, we must study
a. Deuteronomy 17:19
b. Isaiah 34:16
c. John 5:39
d. Acts 17:11
e. 2 Timothy 2:15
5. Our minds must be filled with truth
a. 2 John 4
b. 3 John 3
6. We can not love God as we ought if we are biblically ignorant
D. “Love … with all of thy HEART”
1. This is loving God with emotion and affection
2. Because of the Pentecostal movement in the church in the 50s and 60s, many swung completely to the other side and are afraid to show any emotion.
3. We can’t please God on pure emotion
a. People end up doing as they please with this
b. We must have emotion under control and guided by knowledge
4. Emotions are important:
a. Lord’s Supper
b. Baptisms
c. Lost souls
d. The hurting
5. The Bible is filled with emotion
a. Luke 10:20
b. Romans 12:15
c. Philippians 4:4
d. 1 Thessalonians 5:16
e. Matthew 9:36
f. Psalm 122:1
g. Psalm 84:10
E. “Love … with all thy SOUL
1. This is loving God with our very life, the Greek word is translated as life in many verses – can also be translated as breath (psuche)
2. This involves the willingness to give over our whole life to the Lord.
3. In doing so we must live a sacrificial life
a. Romans 12:1-2 … transformed – METAMORPHO
b. Matthew 16:25
c. 1 Corinthians 10:24
4. To love God with all of our soul we must be willing to give our whole life over to Him, to devote our whole life to His service, and even be willing to die for Him.
F. “Love … with all thy STRENGTH”
1. This we do using our abilities, our money, and our time.
2. We must use our abilities for the Lord
a. Matthew 25:14-30
b. So many talents are never used for the Lord
c. Many talents are never developed
3. Giving shows our true love for the Lord
a. 2 Corinthians 8:2, 5
b. 2 Corinthians 9:7, 12
4. Giving of our time shows our true love for God
a. Ephesians 5:15-16
b. Psalm 90:12
c. Ecclesiastes 12:1
d. Colossians 4:5
G. “Love thy neighbor as thyself”
1. If you love your neighbor as yourself, you apply the commandments in your conduct toward him as scrupulously as you wish him to apply them to you.
a. You must not injure him or lie to him, or steal from him, or covet his success; you must treat him exactly as you in his place wish to be treated or ought to be treated by him.
b. The same principle of love underlies both the first and second great commandments.
2. Matthew 7:12
3. Romans 13:8-10
4. “There is none other commandment greater than these” (Mk. 12:31)
5. “On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” (Mt. 22:40)
A. We must understand that we really can’t love God with all of soul and strength without first loving Him with all our mind and heart.
B. Loving God is more than just lip service, it is giving over our ALL!!!
1. ALL of our mind
2. ALL of our heart
3. ALL of our soul
4. ALL of our

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