A. If I were to tell you that I had no human biological father,
would you believe me?

1. The Bible makes exactly that claim for Jesus of Nazareth.

2. Some people respond with disbelief, even as they do with
other Bible miracles.

B. We need to be ready (prepared & willing) to offer a good
defense, because this is not merely an academic question.

1. It goes to the heart of who Jesus is and what He did for us.

2. If He was not conceived and born of a virgin, then we
have no savior!


A. The Case of the Virgin Birth is Damaged by
Promoters of Falsehoods and Speculations

1. Jesus born on December 25

a. His date of birth is not known

b. Circumstances make it highly unlikely that it was at this
time of year

2. Near simultaneous arrival of shepherds & wise men

a. Virtually every “manger scene” on display has three
wise men

b. Truth is that an unknown number of wise men arrived
much later, after the family had moved into a house and
the newborn Jesus was a “young child”

c. Matthew 2:9-11

3. Perpetual virginity of Mary

a. This is an outright falsehood

1) Matthews 1:25 – “till”

2) Matthew 13:55-56 – Jesus had “brothers and
sisters” (who had a biological father)

b. This doctrine sprang from Gnostic ideas that all physical
pleasure was sinful, even intimacy between a married

B. Biblical Affirmation of the Virgin Birth

1. Old Testament Prophecy

a. Isaiah 7:14

b. Matthew 1:23

2. Gospel writers speak on the virgin birth

a. Matthew agrees with Isaiah – and also affirms Mary’s
virginity in – Matthew 1:25

b. Lk. 1:26-27

c. The context goes and tells her that she was to have a
child of the Holy Spirit   –

3. Consider Mary’s own testimony – Luke 1:34

4. Notice the angel’s testimony to Joseph –
Matthew 1:18-21

a. Joseph avoided making the matter public; but he
intended to put Mary away privately, believing she had
been unchaste.

b. But Mary wasn’t impure! “That which is conceived in
her is of the Holy Ghost”   – Luke 1:32, 35

5. The Genealogical records make it clear that Jesus had
no biological father

a. Matthew 1:16 – note Matthew’s careful wording to
avoid the notion that Joseph was the biological father
(after all the “begots” he deliberately avoids saying
Joseph “begot” Jesus)

b. Luke 3:23 – “as was supposed”

6. This array of evidence would stand up in court:

a. There is a significant number of witnesses

b. There are reliable witnesses

c. There is clear, consistent testimony

C. Objections Offered

1. Biological impossibility

a. True enough!

b. This was a MIRACLE!

c. The same God who can create life from nothing can
surely take upon Himself human flesh and be born of a

woman without any involvement by a human male!

2. Other religions also claim a virgin-born savior
(skeptics say Christianity’s claim is no more valid than

a. Buddha: the oldest accounts of his birth say nothing
about a virgin birth – both mother and father are

1) Other accounts clearly affirm the agency of his father
in producing him.

2) Only many centuries later did various legends arise
with alleged miraculous events connected with his

b. Krishna (Hinduism): evidence of his existence is
scarce; none of it comes from the time he supposedly
lived.  Accounts vary; none consistently affirms virgin

c. Zoroaster (6th cent. BC Persian): Records are few and
unclear; they definitely affirm the biological role of his
father in producing him (though both father and mother
were said to have drunk milk into which the material
essence of Zoroaster had been mixed!)

d. Compare Christianity, where records are ancient,
numerous, complete, clear, consistent, and reliable!

D. Why Is the Virgin Birth So Important?

1. Important as to the Nature of Christ

a. He was 100% human

1) Hebrews 4:15 – Jesus is touched by our difficulties
because, He too:

2) Became thirsty, hungry, tired, needed friends,
etc., YET . . .

b. He was 100% God – THE Son of God (not just ‘a’ son
of God)

1) John 3:16 – “only-begotten”

2) 1 Timothy 3:16 – great mystery “God was
manifested in the flesh”

c. Colossians 2:9 – all the fullness of deity dwelt in Jesus
in bodily form (He was God in human flesh)

2. Important as to the mission of Jesus

a. Mission: to extend forgiveness to man – something
only God could do.

b. To be the supreme sacrifice for sin, He had to be God
incarnate (no mere human, no matter how righteous,
could fill that role).

3. Thus to deny the virgin birth is to deny the essence of

a. It would be a religion without salvation!

b.  It would be Christianity without Christ!


A. We ought to believe, and to shamelessly affirm, that Jesus
the Christ was conceived and born of a virgin.

B. Therefore, He is not *just* a human being, but is the unique

C. He lived a sinless life, died a sacrificial death, and was
raised in triumph over death on the 3rd day.

D. Put your confidence in Him now by confessing His name
and being baptized into Him!


About from the Preachers PC

Gospel Preacher for the Park Heights church of Christ in Hamilton, TX. I stand for and defend the truth of God's word. All other degrees and diplomas mean very little in comparison.
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