The Roots of Change


A. Churches of Christ are experiencing shock and
heartache all over American as they are being torn
asunder by those who wish to restructure the church

1. The church is under siege from within

2. Many, if not most, of our Christian colleges are promoting
this restructuring

3. Many of our liberal brethren insist that change is
absolutely necessary if the church is to remain
“relevant” to society & “appealing” to human culture

B. Jude 3

1. We must speak out against the change movement

2. Why must we speak out?

a. To alert the sleeping giant of our brotherhood and warn
them of the Trojan Horse in our midst

b. To provide assistance and encouragement to those
racked by the destructive efforts of illicit change

c. The reaffirm the simple truth of God’s will to all who
will listen

C. The movement to accommodate culture in religion is in
direct conflict with the simplicity of the Gospel

1. Deuteronomy 32:7

2. Jeremiah 6:16 … the “Old Paths” are still new

3. Matthew 7:13-14 … “straight” = rigid, confining,
difficult to negotiate



1. American civilization had managed to survive the
devastating and catastrophic effects of economic
depression and world war

a. The postwar era brought optimism and technological
and material prosperity

b. Into this generation came the generation of the 50s and
the 60s – the “baby boomers”

c. Their parents were anxious to give their kids what they
didn’t have in the 30s and 40s

1) They didn’t learn sacrifice – provided a pleasant

2) Religious interest were integrated into this
comfortable lifestyle

2. Something happened in the 60s

a. The uncontrolled nature of rock and roll, motorcycle
gangs, hippies, and drugs began to appear

b. Vietnam … generation gap … do your own thing

3. The Baby Boomers are now parents, and are the movers
and shakers of today

a. Now the Baby Boomers are trying to restructure the
church like they tried to restructure society in the 60s

b. The are trying to redefine terms in order to
accommodate the change they desire

4. Factors underlying the present push for change:

a. Materialism

1) Material prosperity contains within a subtle deceptive
barb – the tendency to forget God

2) Deuteronomy 8:7-14

b. Agnosticism

1) Can’t now truth…right and wrong have been blurred…
values are now viewed subjective

2) John 8:31-32

c. Aversion to being judgmental

1) Moral absolutes have been removed

2) John 7:24

d. Lack of discipline

1) Laxness…poor work ethic

2) Loose approach to most things

e. Craving for entertainment

1) “Fun and games” dominate

2) Fleshly stimulation is craved


1. In every period of church history there has always been
one major doctrine that has preoccupied center stage

2. In our day the issue is the authority of the Bible

a. In reality this is the root of all religious problems

b. Can we understand the Bible? Is It really inspired?

c. Some say, Parts are inspired and others are not …myths

d. Book, chapter and verse preaching is being ridiculed

3. Those who clamor for change are those who have rejected
Bible authority. Notice the Bible’s warnings:

a. Matthew 7:15

b. Acts 20:29-30

c. 2 Peter 2:1

d. 1 John 4:1

e. Ephesians 4:14


1. Politics reflect the same cultural influences operative
in society at large

a. The political arena has been heavily weighted toward
political liberalism for many years

b. Now call Political Correctness

2. The political liberal and the religious liberal share a
common attitude

a. The manifest a smug superiority over those who do not
accept their view

b. Their interaction with conservatives is characterized by
a condescending air of “you are ignorant, narrow-minded
and incapable of grasping my superior views”

3. Parallel political and religious viewpoints

a. ERA – Women’s role in the church

b. Can’t legislate morality – divorce for any cause

c. Conservatives are intolerant, harsh, cold, and

d. Situation Ethics

e. American welfare system/free handouts – please me and
my need first

f. Objective truth is questioned and/or undermined

4. These parallels are too striking to be coincidental or


1. Another taproot that is sparking fires of change in the
church is modern scientific thought

a. Humanism has taken a dreadful toll on out society

b. It’s atheistic tentacles have invaded virtually every facet
of social life

2. The Theory of Evolution

a. This is the prominent manifestation of humanistic
influence in the church

b. Some of our Christians schools have been seduced by
pseudo-scientific proof that the world is old – 5 billion

c. They are now teaching theistic evolution

1) They reject the day of Genesis 1 as being literal

2) They call the creation account a myth

d. Theistic Evolution is false:

1) If Genesis 1 is not to be take literal none of the other
Bible writers knew about it – Hebrews 11:3; Exodus

2) Genesis 1 defines the meaning of day

3) Plant life was created on the third day – the sun was
not created until the fourth day

4) There are many proofs that evolution is false

3. What are the implications of belief in Theistic

a. Many conclude that if Genesis 1 can be interpreted
loosely, why not the rest of the Bible

b. It is believing a lie – it is believing that which at its core
is atheistic

c. It is to be in league with humanistic philosophy


A. These are the roots behind those who are trying to
restructure the church – those trying to change the Lord’s
blood bought church

B. In our next lesson we will discuss the fuel of change

C. Jeremiah 6:16


About from the Preachers PC

Gospel Preacher for the Park Heights church of Christ in Hamilton, TX. I stand for and defend the truth of God's word. All other degrees and diplomas mean very little in comparison.
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