A. Matthew 7:24-27

1. This passage begins with “therefore” – thus, these
statements are rooted in the previous passages.

2. In fact, they are a fitting conclusion to the entire “Sermon
on the Mount.”

3. If we do not put these sayings of Christ to practice, i.e. the

teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, our spiritual house

will fall in this life and come to utter ruin in the world to


B. Specifically, Matthew 7:24-27 is the conclusion and
explanation of Matthew 7:21-23.

1. In these two passages of Scripture we have contrasted

a. Observe carefully in Matthew 7:22 that “many will say,”
which in dictates the matter under consideration was only
a spoken religion.

b. Matthew 7:20

c. These involved in this mere “spoken religion” were
rejected by Christ who said, “depart from me, ye that
work iniquity.”

d. Since Christ knows us by our “fruits” (Mt. 7:20) and
since Christ never knew these spoken of here, it is
obvious they didn’t have good fruit – but only said they
had done these things in the name of Christ or by His

2. Although this point was very clearly set forth by the
illustration of the fruit tree (Mt. 7:17-20), our Lord drives
home the point by the most blood-chilling words know to
man –    “I never knew you.”

a. Christ has never know (i.e. accepted) the false teacher,
or they who say and do not.

b. One who does not submit to the Lord’s will in every
point has contaminated fruit.

C. With these thoughts in mind, let us turn our attention to our
Lord’s chief argument for having a firm foundation, which is
seen in the parable of the two builders (Mt. 7:24-29).



1. This truth is represented by the wise man who built his
house on a rock and the foolish man who built his house on
the sand.

a. The wise man chose a proper foundation (doing the will
of God) and built an enduring house – the only profitable

b. The foolish man labored to build a house upon sand
(disobedient to God’s word) and his labor were lost.

c. One may say, “I’m not going to build,” – but our Lord
anticipates such, and they are also represented by the
foolish man.

2. To really appreciate this parable one needs to
understand a little about the terrain of Palestine.

a. Palestine is covered with hills and valleys.

b. In late winter and early spring the heavy mountain rains
come, this causes peaceful streams to become ragging
streams, and carries everything in its path away with it.

c. This leaves a sandy deposit in the low lands.

d. The wise man will not build in the sand, he chooses to
build in the higher country where there is solid rock.

3. We are all going to build on a foundation in this life
whether we realize it or not.

a. We are going to build on a foundation which we will
place our soul’s destiny

b. The sure foundation of the Lord will stand and all others

will crumble

1) 2 Timothy 2:19

2) 1 Timothy 6:19


1. This wise man built upon a foundation that was founded
upon a rock – a firm foundation

2. Notice what Jesus said was needed to be a wise man –
“every one therefore that heareth these words of mine and
doeth them.”

3. To build a strong foundation for a house, you must
follow the directions found in the blueprints.

a. The blueprints to a foundation are engineered to hold the

weight of the structure and to keep it stable.

b. If one leaves things out of the foundation it is sure to


4. For a Christian to build a firm foundation – he must read

and follow the blueprints designed by Christ.

5. The key to building a good foundation, a firm foundation,
is do the following:

a. “HEAR”

1) Romans 10:17

2) 2 Timothy 2:15

3) No one can know how to build a firm foundation
unless one hears and studies the blueprints

4) We automatically build a weak foundation when we
do not know how to build a strong one.

b. “DOER”

1) Jesus said, “whoso heareth these sayings of mine,
AND DOETH THEM …” (Mt. 7:24).

2) Matthew 7:21

3) Faithful men of God have always been doers:

a) Abel is a good representative of the Patriarchal Age
– Genesis 4:4

b) King Josiah is a good representative of the Mosaical

Age – 2 Kings 22:2

c) Paul is a good representative under the Christian
Age – 2 Timothy 4:7

4) Obedience has always been a distinguishing mark of a

faithful child of God


1) This rock on which we are to build our foundation is
in the Old Testament referred to as Deity.

a) Deuteronomy 32:4

b) Isaiah 28:16

2) The New Testament pictures Christ as this rock on
which we are to build

a) Matthew 16:13-18

b) 2 Timothy 2:19

c) Ephesians 2:20

3) Christ must be our foundation, and any other
foundation can not stand.


1. The foolish man has also heard the same truth and has
equal intelligence to understand, but his foolishness is
shown in that he does not secure that truth by putting it
into practice.

a. Luke 8:12

1) Some hear but the devil takes the word away

2) To act on what one hears will keep the devil from our

b. 1 Corinthians 15:2

1) Keep it in memory … use it or loose it

2) To loose it is to believe in vain

c. James 1:22

2. The foolish man looks for an easy way out

a. The foolish man might say that it is easier to work with

1) Many do not want to make the needed sacrifice that is
required to have a firm foundation

2) Amos 6:1

b. A firm foundation can only be had by our diligent
following and close adherence to the blueprints


A. We are all going to build on a foundation – firm or weak

B. A firm foundation can only be had when we follow the
instructions given by Jesus – the Chief Corner Stone

We must know  and follow the instructions

C. What kind of foundation are you building on?

D. A firm foundation can only be had when we follow the
instructions – ARE YOU A WISE OR FOOLISH


About from the Preachers PC

Gospel Preacher for the Park Heights church of Christ in Hamilton, TX. I stand for and defend the truth of God's word. All other degrees and diplomas mean very little in comparison.
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