No one casts a longer shadow throughout the course of one’s life than a mother. I hope that we will always honor and celebrate our moms for the sheltering shade of those shadows.

Back in the mid-1950’s Theodor Geisel railed and revolted against the boringly banal primers forced on first time readers. His books, penned under the now famous name of “Dr. Seuss,” transformed reading to our little ones from dull and dreary tales of “Dick and Jane” to the lyrical fun of “The Cat in the Hat.”

Adding to this new literary library was a protégé of the Dr. Seuss style, the books of P.D. Eastman. His “classics” in this new children’s literature include “Go, Dog, Go,” “One Fish, Two fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,” and especially, my favorite, “Are You My Mother?”

Just in case you did not get the chance to read “Are You My Mother?” aloud six hundred times over the course of your children’s childhood, it is the simple story of a baby bird who hatches out of his egg while his mother is off the nest. The little bird falls out and promptly sets off looking to find his missing mom. Having no clue what his mother may look like, the fledgling approaches dogs and cats, trucks and boats, and finally a huge steam shovel (who deftly dumps him safely back into his nest), earnestly asking each one, “Are you my mother?” We all crave a mother’s presence and pine for a mother’s love.

Mothers are special and play an enormous role in our lives. Someone once wrote, “They say that Man is mighty, He governs land and sea, He wields a mighty scepter, O’er lesser powers that be; But a mightier power and stronger, Man from his throne has hurled, For the hand that rocks the cradle, Is the hand that rules the world.”

Consider the ideal biblical model of motherhood as taught in Proverbs 31. A godly mother: 1) is trustworthy (Pro. 31:11), 2) does good, not evil (Pro. 31:12), 3) is industrious, not lazy (Pro. 31:13-14, 27), 4) provides food (Pro. 31:15) and clothing for her family (Pro. 31:19, 21), 5) is a servant to all – has time for others (Pro. 31:20), 6) is strong, dignified, happy, hopeful, optimistic (Pro. 31:25), and 7) is careful with her tongue, is wise, and teaches (Pro. 31:26). As a result, her children call her blessed (Pro. 31:28). Should we not call our mothers blessed as well?

As our Lord hung on the cruel cross He was thinking of His mother (Jn. 29:25-27). May we always show the proper love, concern and respect they deserve.

Craig Roberts wrote, “Thank You Lord, for loving mothers, godly hearts and hands to serve, Priced above the precious rubies, having virtues all observe. Children rise and call them blessed; husbands give them praises due. Who can tell of the adornment, inward beauty, pure and true.”

Think About It!

Have A Great Mother’s Day Weekend!

Tom Moore

Park Heights church of Christ

P. O. Box 107

1300 East Boynton Street

Hamilton, Texas 76531

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you when you have forgotten how it goes.”

About from the Preachers PC

Gospel Preacher for the Park Heights church of Christ in Hamilton, TX. I stand for and defend the truth of God's word. All other degrees and diplomas mean very little in comparison.
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