Sermon on the Mount #5

Blessed are the Meek

(Matthew 5:5)


A. We are studying the Sermon on the Mount

1. We have learned that the Beatitudes are all about faith

a. How faith begins (vs. 3-5)

b. How faith develops (v. 6)

c. How faith matures (vs. 7-9)

d. How faith is tested (vs. 10-12)

2. Looking at how faith begins we focus on the first three of the beatitudes – the poor in   spirit, the mourners and the meek

a. The “poor in spirit” is the man who sees that there is a God and who then sees himself in perspective – he sees his nothingness before God

b. Those who “mourn” realize their true situation, how sin has ruined him – he mourns for himself and for the whole world

c. Both of these are essential to the beginning of faith, for they are at the heart of what turns us away from self- reliance and toward a trust in God

B. Matthew 5:5

1. Remember, we are talking about how faith begins

2. “Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith” (Hab. 2:4)

3. Meekness, then, is essential to true living

4. If we are going to experience the kind of life God desires for us, then we must learn how to apply these characteristics to our lives



1. Nelson’s Bible Dictionary defines “meekness as… “an attitude of humility toward God and gentleness toward men, springing from a recognition that God is in control. Although weakness and meekness may look similar, they are not the same. Weakness is due to negative circumstances, such as lack of strength or lack of courage. But meekness is due to a person’s conscious choice. It is strength and courage under control, coupled with kindness.”

a. Perhaps the last sentence is the best idea – strength or power under control

b. It is never weakness or fearfulness

2. Greek word praus

a. Used to describe a soothing medicine

b. Used by sailors to describe a gentle breeze

c. Used by farmers to describe a broken colt

d. All three are example of great power under control

3. Psalm 37:1-11 … Meekness is the ability not to take up arms in defense against the evil in the world, but to patiently wait on God

4. Other passages that encourage meekness

a. Matthew 11:29

b. Galatians 5:22-23

c. Ephesians 4:1-2

d. Colossians 3:12

e. 1 Timothy 6:11

f. 2 Timothy 2:24-25a

g. Titus 3:1-2


1. Remember, meekness follows poor in spirit and mourning

a. This is one who has already recognized his own emptiness and need to fall at God’s feet

b. This is the one who has already felt to the core of their being, the shame and disgrace of their own sin and the sins of the whole world and mourned deeply for the consequences

2. The meek is now the one who realizes that he has nothing with which to fight the world, nothing that can subdue it or overcome it

a. The meek still has power – he can fight, rebel, stir up a fuss

b. But instead he now harnesses that power and uses it only under the direction of the God he acknowledges to be in control

c. Meekness is an essential quality that finally and completely causes a person to believe in, trust, depend on, and obey God

3. Does one give up power to become meek?

a. Does the medicine give up power to cure the sick, or does it use power in a controlled way?

b. Does the wind give up power to push the ship across the sea, or does it use its power in a controlled way?

c. Does the horse give up power when broken to its owners command, or does it use its power in a controlled way?

d. Neither does a man give up power when he becomes meek

1) He uses his power under God’s control

2) He accomplishes what is good and productive instead of causing harm and destruction

3) He knows he is not the answer, God is, so he is willing to be used by God

4) He does not need to overcome or overwhelm, for he knows that God will do all of that


1. The meek are happy, or blessed, because of the fulfillment of the Lord’s promise that “they shall inherit the earth”

a. We know that God’s people will inherit a new earth

1) 2 Peter 3:13

2) But this verse speaks of heaven

b. But the promise that Jesus makes here in Matthew comes in this present world

2. Jesus wants us to understand that only the meek will enjoy the abundant blessings of God in this life.

a. All worthwhile things of this world are in the possession of the meek … things like love and friendship

b. The meek are able to enjoy the best that others have to offer because they are able to give their best to others.


A. The first three beatitudes fit together to form the beginning of faith

1. The poor in spirit

2. Those who mourn

3. The meek

4. Each of these is important to turning us away from ourselves toward God

5. Without them, faith cannot truly begin

B. How’s your faith?

1. It could be that the answer is found in how well these characteristics are rooted in your life

2. They help us answer the question, “Who are we depending on?”

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Gospel Preacher for the Park Heights church of Christ in Hamilton, TX. I stand for and defend the truth of God's word. All other degrees and diplomas mean very little in comparison.
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