The story is told of a king who loved to wear fine clothes. The king would always have the finest tailors in the land to bring him the latest and most beautiful fashions to be found. One day a tailor comes to the palace and informs the king that he made the most beautiful garment ever to be seen and that only the foolish and ignorant could not see its beauty.

So the tailor held up the garment for the king to see, but the king could not see it. The tailor was holding out his arms but the king could see no garment. The king, though, did not want to look foolish – for the tailor said that only the foolish and ignorant could not see its beauty – so the king informed the tailor that it was the most beautiful piece of clothing that he had ever seen. The garment was purchased at a great price from the tailor.

The king, eager to wear his beautiful garment, quickly took off his old clothes and put on his new ones. The king ran to his wife and said, “Look at the wondrous garments I just bought – only the foolish and ignorant can not see its beauty!” The queen not wanting to appear to be foolish, said, “O my wonderful king, they are the most beautiful clothes in the kingdom!” The she said, “Let’s have a parade to show them off!”

So the word spread that the king would model in his new clothes before the kingdom and that only the foolish and ignorant would not be able to see the beauty of these garments. The king came out to model before the people, but the people were shocked and amazed to see that the king was without clothes. However, they did not want to be thought of as foolish and ignorant, so they ranted and raved over the beauty of his clothing.

But along came a little boy who had not heard that only the foolish and the ignorant could not see the king’s beautiful clothes. All the little boy could see was a naked king. He had not allowed peer pressure to obscure his view. The little boy began to make comment about the naked king, and soon all of the kingdom, even the king and queen, realized what they had done. They allowed peer pressure to cause them to believe a lie. Thus, the king left in shame.

Many in the world today, and sadly, even in the church, have the same problem as those in this make-believe kingdom. They allow peer pressure to disguise an item or idea into something that it really is not or into something that is false.

As a religious example, many teachers and professors are telling their students that only the foolish and ignorant do not believe in evolution.  Therefore, many, not wanting to be considered foolish and ignorant, will embrace the lies of evolution. Beloved, evolution has been proven false both scientifically and biblically (Gen. 1-2). It is not foolish and ignorant to reject a lie.

There are preachers and elders in our brotherhood who say, or at the very least infer, that only those who are foolish and ignorant hold to a strict adherence to the word of God – the “foolish” being accused of being “ultra-conservative” or legalists.  Too many are allowing the so-called “men of higher” learning to intimidate them into believing a lie. Truth must not be frightened by “so-called” scholarship. Beloved, truth is scholarly – not error!

I fear that if many in thekingdomofChristwere in this make-believe kingdom mentioned above they too would think the king’s clothes were beautiful. Why have so many Christians lost their sense of logic and their ability to weigh evidence? Do they desire to please man instead of God? Shall we follow a multitude to do evil? (Ex. 23:2). Not if we want to please the Lord! We need to speak as the oracles of God (1 Pt. 4:11) and only do those things for which we have authority from God (Co.3:17).

The main point I want you to come away with is that we need to think for ourselves, and to base our opinions, beliefs, and lifestyles solely on the Scriptures. Do not allow peer pressure to obscure your vision

About from the Preachers PC

Gospel Preacher for the Park Heights church of Christ in Hamilton, TX. I stand for and defend the truth of God's word. All other degrees and diplomas mean very little in comparison.
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